July 10th 1924, a great man was born in India. Growing up, he worked tirelessly to provide for his siblings and his family. He got married at an early age to a beautiful woman named Zainab. I never got to spend a moment with her as she passed away at an early age. However, I was fortunate enough to spend my childhood with this man. He raised six kids with very limited resources in India. Through it all, he remained humble and caring. When my parents went through a rough patch in their life, he provided for our family selflessly. His giving attitude extended beyond his family into the community. He helped unemployed young men in the community with training and placements. I could not fathom why there were so many new faces visiting his house. Folks I had never seen before, or heard about. They would bring gifts and Ice cream and thank him endlessly. I was too young to understand his actions. We lost this great soul on October 26th 1996.

After his passing, his life was my inspiration. His attitude of "helping someone else in need" continues to be my strength until this day. His attitude motivates and inspires me in life. When I need a boost, I find myself asking "what would he say to me?" This great man's name is Nabee (n uh - b ee). He is my grand father. He is my beam.

What is your beam?

Wanting to carry his passion forward, I initiated Threads & Beams. The brand embodies my passion for shoes and our community. Threads & Beams is a fashion brand with a purpose. With each hand crafted shoe sold, we will contribute fifty percent of our profits towards elevating skills of our local community.  

"give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" - Chinese Proverb