Hand Crafted in Spain

Build a pair of shoes fully customized for you. Choose from premium materials to fit your lifestyle, including suede, calf skin, crocodile skin (embossed), and denim. Fine tune the detail on your footwear down to the color and custom embroidering. From leather hand cutting to Blake sole stitching. Every part of the shoes is exclusively produced for your order strictly based on your specifications.


Whole Cut

Starting from $549



Starting from $549

Welting options

You will be able to choose among 3 welt styles: Dress (the standard one), Country and City. Furthermore, color of the welt is also customizable, as well as the color of the outsole. Although it is totally up to you, it is still possible to match the color of the outsole and the welt.



Starting from $749


Military Brogue

Starting at $749


Balmoral Boots

Starting at $749

Multiple sole configuration for you to choose from



Starting at $699



Starting from $549

We offer upto 8 different types of soles to choose from. They are available for all Men Dress shoes on our custom designing platform. From the formal and classic Plain Leather Sole, to the new casual Running Rubber Sole, each one has its own personality. 

We also offer 'the blake welting.' WIth this welting, the upper component of the shoe is stretched around the insole, and then a single stitch binds the outsole, insole, and upper together


Single Monk

Starting from $549

Ladies meet the single monk..

Monkstraps have become very popular recently. The single monk is characterized by a single strap coming across the upper of the shoe and meeting with a buckle. A single monkstrap will be very comfortable and has become a staple shoe to get some attention. Sole units (different available) are Blake stitched to uppers.


Double Monk

Starting from $549