Our Team


Ayaz Momin our founder, lead designer, and brains behind operations. Our brand was born from his passion of shoes and desire to help strengthen his community. Since the inception of Threads & Beams in 2015,  Ayaz has worked tirelessly, travelling across the world to bring you fresh, classic shoe designs.

Zeenat Momin is the driving force behind our Beams Initiative and quality assurance coordinator, in addition to being Ayaz’s biggest critic. She also works as a traveling Registered Nurse and is an alumni to Emory University.

Humza Syed is in charge of the manufacturing process and quality assurance at our workshop in Mumbai. In addition to taking lead on community initiatives in India, he is a Mechanical Engineering student at Saboo siddik College of engineering (Mumbai).


Our Product


Classic styles with a minimalist aesthetic, each of our shoes refresh age old models for a sleek, modern take on footwear. Looking past just aesthetics, our designs are informed by the functionality of a shoe and a focus on comfort. We wanted to build a shoe that can be worn with anything, for any occasion, in any era. Something that can be worn 10 years down the line and still look fresh.  

Hand building all our designs in small batches gives us the opportunity to quality check each shoe before it hits the store. The craftsmen building our shoes are able to dedicate the time necessary to ensure the highest quality product.


Our Beam


July 10th 1924, a great man was born in Gujarat, India. In his youth, he worked tirelessly to provide for his siblings and family any way he could. As a young man he married a beautiful woman named Zainab. Tragically, she passed at an early age leaving the man to care for his six children with very limited resources. But through it all he remained humble and caring. When family went through a rough patch in their lives, he would  provide selflessly. His altruism extended beyond his family and into his community where he helped unemployed young men in the community with training and job placements. Growing up, I could not fathom why there were so many new faces visiting his house. Folks I had never seen before or heard about, bringing gifts and ice cream, and thanking him endlessly. I was too young to understand his actions. We lost this great soul on October 26th 1996.

After his passing, his life became my inspiration. His attitude of "helping someone else in need" continues to be my strength to this day. When I need a boost, I find myself asking "what would he say to me?" This great man's name is Nabee (n uh - b ee). He is my grandfather. He is my beam.

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