Beams Initiative


Community outreach is one of the defining aspects of our brand. Our Beams Initiative is inspired by the work of Ayaz’s grandfather. Ayaz himself stands at the helm of this program, organizing events and volunteers, seeking out disadvantaged individuals in need of a helping hand, and most importantly, putting himself out there for hands on work to see these programs succeed. Our Initiative is more than just how much money we can put forward, it’s about getting our hands dirty and making the difference our communities need to thrive. Down the line we hope to see our Initiative become an incubation program for young talent and visionaries in Atlanta.

Since the inception of Threads & Beams we have put many of our objectives into action. We’ve worked organizations such as Ratpack ATL to host a basketball camp for 8 kids, and Emagah Inc. to promote their STEM program, and afterschool course to help high school students develop academic and leadership skills. Beyond organizations and programs, we have also assisted individuals, dedicating over 100 hours to help a single mother develop her professional skills and obtain a higher paying job. We are also strong believers in ‘Paying it forward’ and have assisted different start-ups and independent artists as they got their brand off the ground, the only condition being they help others develop in the future.

All of our projects have a focus on health and education in hopes of creating a better future for our city. Every program based in the Atlanta area to help build the strong community we are quickly becoming. If you are interested in our Beams Initiative or would like to be involved please contact us at Become the Beam you want to see.