Belgian Sneaker Tassels - Lux Suede Grey-Ivory Suede-Ang6.jpg
Men's Shoes

Ivory Belgians


The classic silhouette of a Belgian loafer coupled with a casual cupsole. The Cupsole Belgian loafer has all the class of a loafer with the comfort of a sneaker. 

Materials: Ivory suede + grey lux suede + ivory kid sued
Lining: Tan calf leather.
Sole: White cupsole rubber sole.
Size: True to size, standard D.
Hand-Crafted: Spain.


Each order is handcrafted by our artisans in Spain by experienced artisans. Each product is made with precision, patience and decades of experience. We are advocates of ethical fashion. Our artisan craftsmen and women will work on your shoes for 4 -5 weeks on footwear and 5-6 weeks on leather accessories.  Your order is processed and crafted exclusively for you. Upon completion of the sourcing and manufacturing, each product goes through a thorough quality control check before packaged for delivery to you. During the process, if you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us immediately.

Material Details

Calf Suede

Also called "Suede" or "Lux Suede". This leather is created from the underside of the animal hide, as a result it is softer, and more supple and can have the appearance of a "furry nap".

Kid Suede

Kid Suede is the most soft, velvety suede leather type which comes from small goat skins. The skins are pretty small which increases the price of leather (consumption per pair). It has a more refined finish with a smaller grain on the surface.

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Belgian Sneaker Tassels - Lux Suede Grey-Ivory Suede-Ang6.jpg
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